United Poultry Concerns Plans “International Respect for Chickens Day”

Make sure to mark it on your calendar — United Poultry Concerns has set May 4, 2005 as International Respect for Chickens Day.

In a press release announcing the day, UPC said,

Please do an ACTION for chickens on May 4. Show the world that chickens are people too! Ideas:

  • Write a letter/op-ed to the editor
  • Get on a radio talk show
  • Table at your local mall
  • Arrange a library display/video presentation
  • Have a Respect for Chickens Day celebration at your school
  • Leaflet at a busy street corner/ your local university
  • Have a We-Don’t-Eat-Our-Feathered-Friends Vegan Party!
  • Show Chicken Run!!!

Personally, I plan to respect a little fried chicken on the 4th, but that’s just me.


International Respect for Chickens Day. Press Release, United Poultry Concerns, March 18, 2005.

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