I think this is where I’m supposed to go on about the boring details of who I am, etc. Just suffice to say I’m an extreme geek , compulsive writer, insomniac,  and general pain-in-the-ass know-it-all.

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  2. Quote: I think this is where I’m supposed to go on about the boring details of who I am, etc. Just suffice to say I’m an extreme geek , compulsive writer, insomniac, and general pain-in-the-ass know-it-all

    Wow that sounds just like me. Must be something in the last name 😛

  3. 9/4/2016
    extremely arrogant,………….,so called business community of always impoverished, beggar,………………, extremely tiny country Nepal , why are you misusing the scare money for the condolence for the late nur pratap ja.ba.ra. in the most of the daily newspapers of Katmandu since more than one week ? rather use that scare money to help those poor people who are suffering from kidney failure and are surviving on routine dialysis to extend their lives for some more days, weeks, which extremely expensive for majority of Nepali.

    Sports men, women of the world !
    You do not work, you are parasites, go to hell.
    American people ! please elect Donald trump as next president of America because he is straight, robust, not chicken hearted, no non sense, not noisy, strong,……..,man.
    Nepal gov.
    Please increase the retirement age bar for civil servants from 58 yrs. To 65 yrs. as for the justice of courts .Because as the average life expectancy of Nepali people has increased from mere 50 yrs to more than 6 was and is 0 years or so during last decades. India which is near neighboring huge country with which Nepal which is tiny, always impoverished country was and is having fully open boarder . the average life expectancy of people of india is being increased continuously but it is not much higher than of us. Yet the maxim age bar for the professors and doctors is already 65 years. it is world known fact that Nepal is not only extremely tiny but it is resource less, always poverty stricken ,least developed , hard to survive country in the world. So life is very hard ,very difficult to survive in this extremely isolated, remote country Nepal. so naturally there are extremely rare chances for the self employment and another job opportunities for the retired senior citizens. as the salaries for the government employee is still so low that it might be the lowest in the world, so the pension amount is so meager that most of the retired people face hard to survive, useless lives resulting so sad that most of them live remaining lives suffering from depression, major illness. some even go to that extreme that they end remaining lives by suicide.
    As the country becomes developed, affluent , prosperous, civilized,…………., there will be more and more respect, support, for the parents, senior citizens so that their remaining lives will live happily. In return they tech , guide ,share the experiences of lives, to their sons and daughters, children, their offspring as well as to the younger, upcoming, generation in their homes, villages, towns, societies as a whole.
    Any senior citizen whether they are parents or senior civil servants are not worthless rather they are useful because as they are respected they will train, teach, guide, ……,the up coming, younger civil servants in there working fields, offices, departments.
    Young generation of societies!
    please be kind enough and respect, support ,……, senior citizen and learn, the experiences from them which will be useful for coming days at the same time young generation of people who are working today will certainly become senior citizen of tomorrow because time is running for everyone.
    Journalists, people who are working in social medias !
    Please be kind to senior citizens, senior civil servants .
    Freedom of expression .
    Journalists of Nepal!,
    Please do not misuse, over exploit, high jack,………,the freedom of expression in journalism ,in this so called democratic, loktantrik, extremely, gantantrik , so called country Nepal, which is always resource less, extremely primitive, extremely interior ,extremely isolated, always impoverished, extremely tiny, land locked,…………………, where mass illiteracy, primitiveness ,isolation, highly superstition, social injustice, mass poverty, backwardness, ……….., are so rampant. Why are you most of time writing, broadcasting, disseminating the rumors that civil service of this country is always bad, not working, not performing the given responsibilities,………….? Why are you insulting, demonizing the all the civil servants ?
    It is not true that people who are working in civil services are bad in every aspects, worthless in every possible mince and all the other nepali people are good .why do not write about the corruption done by the justices of the courts ?in the same country, why there is so much disparity about the age bar for the justices of courts and civil servants ?where the age bar for retirement for the former is up to 68 years and for later is only 58 years ? You believe that senior justices of courts are physically , mentally, far more healthier , far more superior, worth, extremely essential, far more important t,……., than people who are working in the civil services are not working [ kam chor karmachari ] , sources of nation’s evils, good for nothing, always mass corrupt,…………,? the age bar for the justices of courts is 65 years because these people are directly or indirectly responsible for ,writing, making, promulgation the laws of country ? Even among the justices of courts there are disparities about the age bar for retirement. The age bar for the retirement for the justices of supreme court is 65 yrs and justices of lower courts is 63 years. Why is so disparity ? is it because former are more powerful, essential, influential,………, than latter ?
    all he service sector are equal must be in law, no any service sector, no one , is above the law. So the age bar for civil servants, teachers of schools, readers, professors of colleges, universities not working [ kam chor ] , sources of nation’s evils, good for nothing, always mass corrupt,…………,?, must be 65 years as for the justices of courts.
    What is far more surprising is there is no age bar for the so called politicians. for the politicians, leaders who are ruling the country for more than 30 years must not be from younger generation for the dynamism, new thinking, new visions, new energies, to lead, rue the country………………, rather they are becoming more and more corrupt, extremely bad , hopeless, horrible,……..,examples for the country.?
    Journalists !
    Please do not become dam against, bios about the civil servants. you are also wel comed and totally free to participate the free competition examinations which are routinely held by public service commission and be happily employed in civil services.
    Journalists of Nepal
    You always charge the civil servants that they are eating tax payer’s money as monthly salary [ janatale tireko kar bata talab khai raheka chhan ] but not working [ karmachariharu kam chor hun] . you journalists ! don’t you eat talab [ thimi chahi talab khhanau ra ] ? there may be very few people in this word who can afford to work without pay [ work voluntarily ]. so it is the world wide acceptable fact that every body has the right to claim wage, salary, payment,………, when he or she is hired, employed, worked in respective offices, factories, service sectors, corporate ,banks,…………………….,. why do not you write that all the ministers , politicians, leaders, members of parliaments, ……………….,directly or indirectly also eating money [ talab khai raheka chhan ]. all the employee of banks, business men, semi government offices like Nepal oil corporation, Nepal telecommunication corporation, …………., are eating many times more salary than civil servants. Why do not write about the fact that justices of court [ sri man ] are also get the salaries [ eat the talab ] ?
    Journalists !
    Why do not go to the village areas of Nepal? where you will find that minimum jyala [ daily wage ] for agriculture laborer is 8 pathies of grain for male and six pathies of grain for female with bihan beluka ko bhat with khaja which is more than the daily salary of second class government officer . so how can the farmer can afford so expensive daily jyala for the helping hands in agriculture in the villages? So majorities of farmer of villagers who do not have able laborer in the family are being compelled to stop farming, leaving the land barren. So many farmer are facing harder time because their age old occupation is ending day by day and majorities are becoming bankrupts in agriculture field in the villages. This serious farming problem is getting more serious in each passing day.
    Honorary minister !
    Ministry of civil administrative [ samany prasasan mantralya ] !
    You do not have anything worth to do in your ministry?
    Why are you always against the civil servants ? Near former minister of this ministry became so monstrous , horrible like Ravana of Ramayan for the civil servants as he took away all the major opportunities of civil servants like PRP, foreign pass ports,…………..,.
    Present minister of above ministry is also becoming more fearsome like Lankini of lanka also in Ramayana and becoming like near previous minister as she became minister of above ministry for only to punish the civil servants ? Think that you are not only the hakim of civil servants but the guardian of them as well. Do not become rowdy to civil servants rather think, feel , do good to them as well.
    Journalists !
    The allowance [ bhatta ] for office dress which is about Rs 7000 / -annually which is so meager amount in even south asian standard it next to impossible to maintain the office dresses for whole year.
    Dr.kalyan basnet
    Bir hospital, Katmandu.

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