They Locked Kid In Trunk Numerous Times, But Only Receive Probation

A man and woman who locked the woman’s 7-year-old in the trunk so they could go to bars reached a plea agreement in which they avoid any jail time at all. NBCSandiego.Com reports,

[Sarah Marie] Powell’s attorney, Mary Ellen Attridge, told NBC 7/39 that the plea bargain was made possible because tests showed the child was medically and psychologically sound. Faria and Powell are now seeing the boy daily and are on track to get custody of him in March.

Police received an anonymous tip in August that a child was locked in the trunk of her Volvo. A dog was in the car’s passenger seat when officer’s arrived. Officers found a sleeping bag, pillow and car battery were in the trunk, NBC 7/39 reported. The boy told police he had been put in the trunk about 10 other times.

A non-prison sentence for two felony charges of child abuse is simply bullshit. It’s unbelievable that prosecutors and/or the judge agreed to such a lenient plea bargain simply because the boy had been fortunate enough to avoid serious injury.

Both Powell and her boyfriend Jake Faria should be spending time in jail.


Couple Who Locked Boy In Trunk Avoid Prison. NBCSandiego.Com, January 6, 2005.

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