Seattle Activist Is Not A Terrorist, But She Is A Liar

Seattle-based animal rights activist Nancy Pennington penned an op-ed to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer complaining how unfair it is that animal rights activists like her are called terrorists (though she doesn’t provide any specific example where she’s been called a terrorist) and generally defending her own activism.

According to Pennington,

I’ve never understood the hostility of some people toward animal activists. As for the “get a life” epithet hurled at us by people whose dedication to anything is questionable, everyone I know in the “animal movement” has a job (except those of us who are retired) and a willingness to make conditions for animals better the central part of our lives.

The hostility could come from activists such as Pennington who defended PETA’s comparison of animal slaughter to the Holocaust, but lied about that campaign. Pennington claimed that Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel supported PETA’s efforts when, in fact, Wiesel vigorously opposed PETA’s use of a picture of him as a young man imprisoned at Buchenwald, and publicly said that PETA’s comparison of animal slaughter to the Holocaust was “wrong.”

So, remember, if you run into Ms. Pennington, the correct epithet is liar or idiot, not terrorist. Instead of, “get a life,” the proper response is “get a clue.”


They’re animal advocates, not terrorists. Nancy Pennington, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 18, 2005.

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