Salt Lake County Settles Civil Suit with Animal Rights Activists

ABC 4 News in Utah reported in April that Salt Lake County settled a lawsuit filed by two animal rights activists who claimed that a county employee assaulted them during a December 2004 protest.

Salt Lake County had previously settled another lawsuit arising from the December protest. Utah Animal Rights Coalition activists Aaron Lee and Peter Tucker attempted to hand out literature near Abravenel Hall in downtown Salt Lake City.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived and told them they could not hold a demonstration within one block of Abravenel Hall, and threatened to arrest the activists if they did not move.

The County settled a civil rights lawsuit, agreeing to cover Lee and Tucker’s court costs as well as awarding them $500 apiece.

In this latest round, the County settled a civil lawsuit alleging that a County civilian employee assaulted them. According to Utah’s ABC 4 TV, after the sheriff’s deputies arrived, a civilian employee joined the discussion.

Animal rights activist Sean Dinier, who was also apparently at the protest, claimed that the employee then grabbed a pamphlet out of his hand and threw it at another activist.

According to ABC 4 TV, that lawsuit was settled out of court for $1,500.


SL County Settles Dispute With Protesters. ABC 4 TV, April 15, 2005.

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