Idiots at Google News

Google’s been receiving a lot of criticism lately as it grows bigger and bigger, and for the most part I think a lot of that criticism has been misplaced. One area where Google has clearly screwed up, however, is Google News. Google uses an inexplicable process to determine which sites do and do not get included as news sites, and has ended up including racist sites from time to time.

But today while doing some research I noticed that Google is including as a news site, Postcards from the Pug Bus. Huh? That site is explicit on its front page that it is a satire site. The tagline for the site reads,

The satire site that obscures the line between the real and the surreal

What moron at Google News looked at this site and thought, “hey, it’s a satire site — lets added it to the sites indexed by Google News!” How long until they add The Onion to the list of Google News sites?

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