Multiplicity — A Souped-Up Software KVM Switch

Stardock’s Multiplicity is essentially a software KVM that lets you control two computers using just one keyboard and mouse. There are plenty of KVM switches that let you do this, but the beauty of Multiplicity is that it does this in software with multiple computers that are on the same network.

For example, I downloaded the trial version of the software and installed it on my main gaming machine and on my laptop. I was playing WoW on the gaming machine and had a browser session opened on the laptop. With Multiplicity running on both machines, when I moved the cursor off the left hand side of my main machine, it would show up on my laptop and I could use the mouse and keyboard to Google where I needed to go to finish a particular quest.
Once I had the answer, I just dragged the cursor to the far right of the laptop screen, and I was back on my WoW machine.

My laptop was connected via wireless, but the response from the keyboard and mouse felt instantaneous.

There is also a shared clipboard between the machines, and the Pro Version allows for file transfers between connect machines. The Pro Version allows the user to control up to six computers this way.

The installation was pretty straightforward, and there are security features such as the ability to require a password to connect to other machines as well as an optional feature that restricts connections to computers on the local network.

Multiplicity is a bit pricey at $39.95 for the basic version and $69.95 for the pro version — and you’ll need one copy of the software an each computer you plan to use (in contrast, you can buy 4-port KVM switches for under $100).

Personally, the experience was so cool I know I’ll be purchasing a couple licenses.

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