Montana Cancels Schedule Bison Hunt

Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission on January 10 abruptly canceled a bison hunt that had been scheduled to begin on January 15. The hunt was canceled after concerns by Gov. Brian Schweitzer that the planned hunt might harm the image of his state.

The commission vote 4-1 to cancel the hunt, but reiterates plans to hold a bison hunt in November 2005 — at least until they decide whether or not holding that hunt will harm the state’s image.

Montana canceled its annual hunting of bison that wander out of Yellowstone National Park in 1991, but in 2003 the legislature authorized a return to hunting of the bison to control their numbers and out of fears that the bison might spread the disease brucellosis to cattle herds.


Montana Cancels Bison Hunt Set for Sat.. Associated Press, January 10, 2005.

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