Even Chris Pirillo Needs a Refuge From LockerGnome

Apparently, LockerGnome is so unusable — what with the average 20 ads per sentence of content — that Chris Pirillo has taken the extraordinary step of launching a gimmicky meta-search engine just so he can find things without be distracted by the bajillion ads that appear on every LockerGnome page.

Pirillo spins his usual bullshit describing the service as,

This is a metasearch service with a few unique features, no matter where or how you view it. gada.be is for anybody with access to the Web and in need of immediate, impartial results.

Of course the reality is that it is just another chance for Pirillo to whore himself out to net scum like SeekItAll (all the dozen or so searches I tried at gada.be turned up results near the top for SeekItAll).

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