Are Feds Preparing Indictment Against Rodney Coronado?

San Diego City Beat recently reported that a federal grand jury investigating a August 1, 2003 fire at an apartment complex may be close to indicting convicted animal rights terrorist Rodney Coronado for violating a law passed after 9/11.

According to the City Beat, after 9/11, Congress made it a crime to,

teach or demonstrate the making or use of an explosive, a destructive device or a weapon of mass destructionÂ… with the intent that the teaching, demonstration or information be used forÂ… an activity that constitutes a federal crime of violence.

Over the past few years, Coronado has given dozens of speeches in which he concluded by showing audiences how to make an incendiary device. According to City Beat,

Coronado doesn’t deny that near the end of his talk at the LGBT Center in Hillcrest, where he spoke mostly about his history as an animal-rights activist, he picked up a container of apple juice from a nearby food table to “show that weapons [animal-rights activists] use are very simple devices.” It’s something he’s discussed in other public forums, he told CityBeat, to explain to his audience not only the “why” behind actions he’s carried out, but also the “how.”

“It’s always been in the sense that this is the most aggressive and extreme our movement gets,” he said. “It’s for people to understand that as much as the FBI says we’re a highly organized group, we aren’t.”

Coronado is also currently under indictment for allegedly destroying a mountain lion trap in Sabino Canyon, Arizona.


Imminent Indictment. Kelly Davis, San Diego City Beat, August 2005.

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