Activist Wants Senate to Cancel Eco/Animal Rights Terrorism Hearings

Joe Miele, of New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance, was unhappy when Republican Sen. James Inhofe announced hearings to investigate eco- and animal rights terrorism. Miele posted to AR-NEWS urging activists to send letters to Inhofe characterizing the hearings as a waste of money and a diversion from the evils of global warming and birth defects. The sample letter Miele posted is fascinating,

The Fur Commission USA has begun a letter-writing campaign to support the
hearings being conducted by the Senate Committee on The Environment in
Washington into what the government calls “eco-terrorism.”

To counter their message, please write to the anti-animal extremist
committee chairman Senator James Inhofe and inform him that there are far
more important things to do than to waste taxpayer money appeasing special
interest groups by targeting those who defend the earth and her animals.


The Honorable James Inhofe, Chairman
Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works
410 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Chairman Inhofe:

I am writing to respectfully urge you to stop wasting taxpayer money to
satisfy special interest groups who oppose wildlife and environmental

The multi-billion-dollar industries you serve to protect are those that
perpetuate environmental destruction on a global scale and are creating
problems such as global warming, birth defects and dwindling populations of
wildlife and endangered species.

By focusing your attention on the activities of environmental and animal
rights groups, you are allowing global polluters and those who rape the
environment in the name of profits to continue their business as usual.
This is not only myopic, but incredibly irresponsible. As a public servant
you are obligated to carry out the will of the people. Unfortunately, you
choose to carry out the will of anti-environmental corporate interests. By
doing this you are betraying the public trust and destroying your

Please Senator Inhofe, please cease your foolish and wasteful inquiries into
the state of the environmental movement and focus your attention on the
industries that are the world’s major polluters and exploiters. They are
the ones who deserve your scorn, not those who are trying to reverse the
march toward the environmental devastation you so willingly support.


Looks like some activists are starting to feel the heat from all the negative attention that animal rights and environmental extremists are starting to attract.


Letters needed: Counter message of Fur Commission. Joe Miele, October 2, 2005.

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