PETA Actively Encourages Activists to Commit Assault

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals claims that it doesn’t condone or promote animal rights violence. Since last year, however, it has been actively urging animal rights activists and others to assault people wearing furs.

At its web site, PETA has a form where people can order these stickers, designed to be affixed to tomatoes,

PETA’s web site says of the stickers,

Tomatoes emblazoned with stickers encouraging shoppers to “throw me at a fur-wearer” have been cropping up in produce aisles. The popular plump red vegetable that until now, has been known mainly as a harmless ingredient in spaghetti sauce is stirring up the most controversy in its history since the “Is it a vegetable or a fruit?” flap.

Whether you call them tomatoes or to-mah-toes, these veggies are seeing red over cruelty to animals.

Fur-wearers, be warned—vigilante vegetables are ready to paint the town red. If you still wear fur—despite the fact that animals are bludgeoned, electrocuted, poisoned, gassed, shot and have their necks broken just so you can look old, fat, or really cheap—you’d better be prepared to meet your ‘mater. No mink stole or raccoon wrap is safe from a pulpy projectile that’s gone to seed.

I don’t ever want to hear again some clueless animal rights activists telling me that PETA is nonviolent and doesn’t encourage or participate in violent acts.


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