Pay Your Taxes or . . . What, Exactly?

The Colombian government had to apologize earlier this month after it sent a letter to Colombian politicain Ingrid Betancourt. The letter notified Betancourt that she was behind in paying her taxes.

Well, duh — Betancourt was kidnapped by rebels in 2002 while she was running for president and has been held by rebels at a secret location ever since.

This is apparently a big problem throughout Colombia according to the BBC,

Because of the high numbers of kidnappings in Colombia, the government has instructed financial authorities not to tax people held hostage.

. . .

According to the Colombian government Farc currently holds around 1,600 hostages, including around 20 politicians, 47 army officers and three Americans.


Pay your taxes, Farc hostage told. The BBC, November 6, 2004.

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