Lanie Gunier Should Just Go Shopping

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Gregory Stanford wrote a column the other day in which he includes part of a discussion he had with Lani Guinier. Stanford includes a paraphrase of Guinier putting down the Republican Party. Stanford writes,

The Republican vision sustains a materialistic, individualistic, consumeristic culture, Guinier said.

And that’s a problem how? If the Republicans would just ditch their “morality” issues and focus on the individualistic consumerism, they’d have my vote any day of the week. (Guinier is apparently horrified that Bush urged Americans to go shopping after 9/11 — but what is more American than shopping?)

Ditch the abortion and gay stuff and focus on cutting taxes and killing terrorists — now there’s a political party I could get behind.

Guinier, on the other hand, contrasts this with the Democrats who she thinks should stress the idea of “shared responsibility and shared sacrifice.” Ugh. Thanks, but no thanks. If your religion calls for sacrifices, who am I to object, but please do it privately amongst yourselves.


It seems Democrats must work on passion, vision. Gregory Stanford, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, November 20, 2004.

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