Grayson: Another Awesome Fan Trailer

After posting the link to the World’s Finest fan film trailer, I ran across another excellent fan trailer, Grayson.┬áThis one’s almost 5 and half-minutes long and blew me away. Basic premise is that Batman is dead and the former Boy Wonder is out to catch the killers and avenge Batman’s death. Some excellent effects including brief appearances by a number of JLA members.

As technology costs continue to fall and companies like Warner continue to come out with crap like “Catwoman” or the rumored bastardization of Green Lantern, fan films like this could fill a needed void and even pose a threat.

The other day I finished reading the trade paperback version of “Squadron Supreme” — an early 1980s Marvel series which was the forerunner of later series like “Kingdom Come.” The thing about “Squadron Supreme”, though, is that its basically the Justice League of American in different costumes with different names. So Batman becomes “Night Hawk,” Superman becomes “Hyperion” with a red costume but similar origins and powers, etc.

Whose to stop someone form taking a cue from “Squadron Supreme” and making their own JLA-ripoff film (especially since it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a genuine JLA film)?

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  1. I came across this a few years ago, the trailer. Its very well done and I actually enjoy watching it from time to to time. I would watch the movie if it got made. =) along with thousands of others.

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