Animal Activist Jailed for Defying Grand Jury

Animal rights activist Kim Berardi was jailed briefly in July after refusing to answer questions before a federal grand jury investing animal rights crimes in Seattle. She was released temporarily on July 6 to deal with some undisclosed personal matter and the current disposition of her case is unclear.

Berardi is associated with Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. When SHAC activists were arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas, for example, activist asked that people wanting to donate money to bail out jailed activists should wire their money to Berardi.

She is also acted as a contact for animal rights extremist magazine No Compromise!

Previously she has worked with chapters of the Animal Defense League. A 1999 Fur Commission USA press release noted a protest at a farm (featuring those masked protestors we’ve all become so familiar with of late),

About 15 protesters showed up, many wearing black hooded sweatshirts, half a dozen wore masks over their faces. Local law enforcement responded and ensured that there were no violations of the rights or property of the farming family or the rights of the protesters to express their opinion.

Involved with the Chicago ADL is veteran conflict gypsy Kim Berardi who has organized ADL “Civil Disobedience Training” sessions focusing on “physical, psychological and emotional preparation” and “how to handle the police”, among other items. Previously associated with the extreme New York and New Jersey ADLs, groups which openly support the criminal activities of the terrorist Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Berardi was promoted in 1999 to managing the Chicago Animal Defense League.

. . .

Berardi currently faces charges in Washington State arising from a masked invasion of a farm on Feb. 23, 1999. About 15 people donned black masks and jumped the fence of a fur farm in Snohomish County where they began breaking into pens, traumatizing the domesticated mink. Five people were quickly arrested, including three out-of-state minors transported across state lines to perform criminal acts on a school day during school hours. Like Berardi, the other adult involved, Nicole Dawn Briggs, has arrest records in multiple states. They were charged with second-degree burglary and first-degree theft for the incident. Trial is set for January of 2000.

Yeah, can’t imagine at all why a grand jury would want to talk to her.


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