ALF Sends Video of University of Iowa Attack

The Animal Liberation Front sent videos to a number of media outlets this week showing at three activists plus the camera operator breaking into a University of Iowa animal laboratory.

The video is apparently 45 minutes long and shows three individuals clad all in black entering the animal lab, destroying equipment, and removing animals.

At one point the tape shows one of the masked activists entering a secured part of the lab by using an electronic swipe card, suggesting that at least one of the activists had access to the lab or access to someone who had access to the lab.

The activists are shown removing the mice, rats and other animals housed in the laboratory and placing them in plastic bins of varying sizes.

The video also shows the extremists destroying computers and spray painting slogans such as “ALF,” “Science Not Sadism” and “Free the Animals”.

It curiously omits the extremists dumping chemicals. According to the University of Iowa, the ALF attackers dumped hazardous chemicals in the laboratory. The lab has been closed indefinitely while a team works on removing the hazardous materials.

Another oddity is that the ALF e-mail claming responsibility for the attack claimed that no pigeons were released, but news reports have said that pigeons were also released from the lab.


FBI has video of vandals at UI. Kristen Schorsch, Iowa City Press-Citizen, November 23, 2004.

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