WTF Is Up With Companies and Windows Start Menu Program Groups?

This is something I have never understood about developers who write Windows programs and maybe someone out there has an answer — WTF are some software companies thinking when they create a program group in my Start menu that uses the company name rather than the product name.

For example, I am using CuteFTP Pro at moment for FTP but I can never find the g*****n program in my Start menu. Why? Because in their infinite wisdom, GlobalScape — the producers of CuteFTP Pro — decided that it would be much easier to find if they filed it under GlobalScape. Looking through my Start menu, about half the program groups use the product name and the other half use the company name. WTF?

Yes, I could alter this at installation or even go back and reorganize now, but why should I have to? What sort of people think that when I need to find CuteFTP Pro in a hurry that I’ll immediately think “Aha! Globalscape!”

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