Terry Tate Files for Governor in California

Terry Tate, the former NFL linebacker and star of those hilarious Reebok ads where he runs around clothes lining and tackling people in an office, claims to have filed as a candidate in the California recall election. And he has an appropriately over-the-top press release announcing his candidacy (I especially love the quote at the end),

Once elected, Mr. Tate will tackle white collar crime: “Ya’ll suckah’s who don’t pay taxes and hang out on your Gucci yachts? With Triple T in charge, you know you gonna get caught.” Terry also commits himself to reducing overcrowding at schools, improving air quality, and eliminating “long-[expletive] coffee breaks – five minutes tops, or ya’ll gonna get clocked.”

. . .

Most importantly, a vote for Terry Tate is a vote for a better future for California’s children, families, and businesses: “I’m gonna govern the [expletive] out of this state. Believe that, California.”

It’s a bit tiring to hear all the talking heads say the recall election is turning California into a national joke. No, the enormous deficit already did that. Look, no matter what happens California taxpayers are going to get screwed over to fix California’s deficit. Why not have a little fun along the way?

If I lived in California and actually could get my lazy ass to a voting booth (I usually don’t vote), I’d vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger (especially if he’d use my proposed campaign ad).

What I still can’t get over is just how ripped the guy is at 56. Just 70 years ago, the average life expectancy at birth in the United States was only 59, and here’s this 56-year old looking like he still might be able to go out and win a body building contest (or at least kick the ass of anybody who says he couldn’t).

At the rate things are going, Seth will still be raising money for his marathon charity bike rides well into this 90s, and there will still be flame wars centering on Dave Winer well into the next century.

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