Rodney Coronado on the Need for More Animal Rights/Environmental Terrorism

Animal rights terrorist Rodney Coronado recently gave a long, rambling interview to an EarthFirst! magazine. Much of the interview focuses on Coronado pretending he was some sort of latter day Cochise when he committed arson at Michigan State University, for which he served 4 years in jail.

In the interview, Coronado talks about how he thinks the Animal Liberation Front/Earth Liberation Front will be viewed 100 years from now as well as calls for more violence by these extremists,

[Coronado:] The ALF or ELF will never be hailed as heroes in our time. Their roles will be seen more clearly in 100 years when the ecological shortsightedness of our present government is realized. Some people say that in a ?post-September 11? world there?s less room for direct action. But that?s exactly what the Consumer Freedom whores want us to believe. They?re exploiting September 11 to push their own agenda, while hoping it will force us to compromise ours.

Personally, I don?t know why someone hasn?t tried to burn down Pacific Lumber or the Horse Butte Capture Facility. How many more rivers and salmon runs have to be destroyed and buffalo slaughtered before we realize these corporations are killing us and our only home? I don?t care what the political climate is, it?s never not a good time to take direct action to rescue victims from suffering and cease the destruction.

EF!J: Unfortunately, it seems like more folks are getting caught. Are there any words of wisdom or lessons that you want to convey to potential elves to keep them safe?

RC: Hopefully, it seems that way because there are just more people fed up and taking action. Words of wisdom to all ELF and ALF warriors out there: Stay away from your old friends and familiar above ground political scenes; don?t use computers or telephones for anything; don?t put any faith in techy gadgets; keep it simple; never use your own vehicle or those of other activists; physical exercise (think of the embarrassment of being run down by a cop); and don?t pinch pennies, your freedom is worth the few extra bucks it costs to increase your security. Pray to the powers of Earth for guidance?stealth of Cougar, night sight of Owl, like lightning, the power to strike your enemies suddenly and return home safely. I love you all, and I?m praying for you to make it count. Maximum destruction! Not minimum damage.

Okay, what do I have to do to get Coronado to throw a little love my way and refer to those AnimalRights.Net whores the next time he goes on like this? I’m praying to the powers of Earth for that.

I don’t know what people will think of Coronado 100 years from now, but lets hope they remember that he was so serious about his principles that while on the run from the Feds after the MSU arson, Coronado abandoned his vegeterianism, only to miraculously find his way back to the True Path(TM) again. Coronado’s strongly held beliefs led him to firebomb a research laboratory, but apparently didn’t keep him from the joys of nicely cooked animal flesh.


LIVING THE TRUTH – An Interview with Rod Coronado. EarthFirst!, 2003.

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