Coronado Says the Planet and the Animals Talk to Him

Another one of these hilarious interviews with Rodney Coronado was posted at IndyMedia earlier this month. Coronado’s a lot like Ingrid Newkirk — the more he talks, the better it is for those of us opposed to animal rights.

Coronado expands on his rather unique and expansive view of rights,

My world view isn’t founded on philosophy or ideology. It’s based on one that sees all other living beings and aspects of nature, including plants, animals and rocks, as just as important as all others. My family raised me to believe that not only humans but all living beings and natural things deserve respect.

Every rock is sacred, and “just as important” as a human being. Despite Coronado’s claim, that is most certainly an ideological position and an extremely hideous one at that. I can’t wait for PETA to pick up on this, since they’re such big supporters of Coronado, and start a Holocaust-In-A-Quarry campaign.

Much of this view, by the way, expresses it in an odd religious view that the planet is literally talking to Coronado. Describing being on the run after being indicted for the arson of a Michigan State University laboratory, Coronado said,

? I decided I was sick of running, I would get rid of the gun I was carrying, and I would die. I heard all the plants and animals speaking to me through the wind and they said, “We are here for you, but we can only help you if you believe in us more than you believe in them.”

Similarly, Coronado believes that animals were seeking him out while he was in prison for that crime,

Even in prison, he said, “the spirits of the animals didn’t forget me.” He said he would see coyotes come to the prison fence and howl greetings to him when he was in the yard, and when he was working in the prison garden hummingbirds would fly towards him.

Instead of giving speeches, Coronado might want to seek professional help.

Coronado also has an odd philosophy related to the goal of ELF/ALF terrorist actions,

Last night in San Diego a bunch of townhouses were burned down, and reporters from two corporate TV stations just asked me, “What good does that do your movement?” I said, “If that hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t be here tonight.” People willing to risk their lives to protect the environment by destroying buildings built on the habitat of endangered species make people take notice.

So the ends justify the means if it results in a lot of media coverage. This is, of course, the Eric Rudolph school of media theory.

Coronado also has a Beavis and Butthead like worship of fire that borders on self-parody,

Fire is a very sacred power, one of the key elements of our planet. We use fire to cleanse ourselves, and when we address buildings and institutions that have no other purpose but to destroy life, fire is the only way to stop them. When people ask if someday someone might get hurt by one of our actions, I ask them why they don’t get so concerned about the people who are killing animals for a living. That is what the terrorism in this society is. Destroying property to protect life is the most sacred thing we can do.

Arson-as-sacred-duty. The wind and plants talking to him. Hummingbirds being drawn to him. Keep on talking, Rodney.


Rod Coronado Speaks in Hillcrest Aug. 1. Mark Gabrish Conlan, August 2, 2003.

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  1. The Native Americans had similar beliefs as Coronado. Do your reading and research before you criticize and mock. We Americans squashed them and now we are all collectively squashing animals through our indiscretions as well.

  2. blood and suffering in the name of progress. torture in the name of science. in the middle ages, torture went under the name of religion. evil has many disguises and is shrouded in expensive laboratories and corporations.

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