Bill Gates Donates $168 Million for Malaria Research

In September, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced a $168 million donation to fund malaria research. Currently only about $100 million is spent annually to research malaria, so Gates’ donation will have a significant impact on efforts to find treatments for the disease.

In announcing the donation, Gates said it was time for the world to get serious about dealing with malaria,

Malaria is robbing Africa of its people and potential. Beyond the extraordinary human toll, malaria is one of the greatest barriers to Africa’s economic growth, draining national health budgets and deepening poverty.

About 90 percent of malaria cases occur in Africa, where the disease kills more than 900,000 people annually — mostly children.

$100 million of Gates’ grant will be devoted to vaccine research, $40 million to develop drugs to combat drug-resistant strains of malaria, and $28 million to research ways to use existing drugs to lower infections in infants.


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