AVMA Board Endorses "Survivors" Pro-Research Campaign

In July the American Veterinary Medical Association Executive Board announced it had approved sending a letter in support of the Foundation for Biomedical Research’s “Surivors” campaign. The “Survivors” campaign highlights the role that biomedical research plays in improving animal health.

In a press release on its decision, the AVMA Executive Board said,

The goal of “Survivors” is to promote public understanding that biomedical research involving laboratory animals plays a key role in advancing veterinary medicine and companion animal heatlh.

Portraits of four animals that have survived feline and canine diseases are featured as part of the campaign . . .

The Council on Research recommended that the AVMA support “Survivors,” which the council calld “highly commendable and eagerly awaited by the veterinary medical research community.”


AVMA supports ‘Survivors’ campaign. Press Release, American Veterinary medical Association, July 1, 2003.

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