"The Only Minor Difference"

After People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ travelling “Holocaust On Your Plate” display reached Washington state in August, The Spokesman Review published a scathing op-ed whose title accurately summed up the display — “PETA Stoops to New Lows With Exhibit.”

This as too much for animal rights activist Jim Robertson who, in a letter-to-the-editor, referred to the author that op-ed as an “imbecile” and added that (emphasis added),

If he had looked at the display with half an open mind, he should have seen that the parallels between the Holocaust and the treatment and mass murder of billions of factory-farmed animals are numerous — the only minor difference being the victims’ species. For example, while it dehumanized Jews to be herded onto “cattle cars” and kept in camps away from anything familiar to them, factory-farmed chickens are not only painfully debeaked, they are dechickenized — forced to live their entire lives in windowless barns with less space between them than plants in a greenhouse.

It almost makes you wonder how the Jews dared complain about being carted off in overcrowded rail cars — that was nothing compared to what the chickens have to endure.


PETA display’s comparisons valid. Jim Robertson, Letter-to-the-Editor, Spokesman Review (Washington), August 13, 2003.

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