An Example of Justifiable Hatred

As Seth Dillingham put it a couple years ago, “Some hatred is valid,” and I don’t think I’ve hated anything more in a long time than I hate James Tatar and Janet Crawford right now.

I am still firmly opposed to capital punishment, and I think it would be morally wrong for the state to execute even scum like this. On the other hand, lately I have come to the conclusion that it is nonetheless a metaphysical truth that some people’s actions are so heinous that they deserve to die even if it is wrong for the state to impose that punishment.

This is also the only real downside, from my perspective, to atheism — a problem much more serious to my mind than the issue about whether or not morality is possible in the absence of widespread faith, or even the possibility of dying and personal identity going poof.

No the difficult thing to reconcile is the lack of any sort of ultimate justice in the universe. There should be some sort of supernatural entity to eternally punish such wickedness. That there isn’t is a major defect in the universe.

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