ALF Got Your Goat – Literally

In mid-March, Animal Liberation Front extremists took credit for stealing 43 goats from a farm in the United Kingdom that supposedly was a supplier to Huntingdon Life Sciences. The activists issued a communique taking responsibility for the action saying,

In the early hours of Friday 15th March, activists did a raid on Water Farm Goat Centre, Stogursey, Bridgwater, Somerset which supplies many vivisection laboratories around the country such as the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences. Determined activists headed across fields to the farm full of goats and soon gained access to the barn containing them. Everyone worked as a team and set to work carrying the heavy mothers out of the pen and led them to the edge of the field. Nearly all the baby goats were also rescued, some just a few weeks old. Drivers were contacted and vehicles soon arrived and drove the animals to safety. These beautiful creatures would have been tortured in unnecessary experiments but now they have all been re-homed and will live happy lives in their natural habitat. We will continue to rescue more animals from abuse

Until all are free,


Or at least until a significant proportion of ALF activists are in jail.


43 Goats liberated from HLS SUpplier. Press Release, Animal Liberation Front, March 15, 2003.

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