Taking Care of Grandma

With my brother off doing the Homeland Defense gig somewhere in Nebrasaka, whenever Grandma gets sick its pretty much my wife and I who drive the 25 miles to take care of her. Yesterday she called us early in the morning because of pain her legs.

Grandma has had angioplasty and a bypass operation in the past couple years with a lot of problems with blood clots afterward, so when she starts feeling pain in her legs we have to take it very seriously.

So we rushed over there and I spent about 4 hours with her in the emergency room. The doctors couldn’t give her any solid answers, but the problem is likely a sprain or other sort of injury rather than blood clots.

Grandma’s starting to get down in the dumps, largely because for the most part she’s never had many serious health problems. Personally I’m amazed — I hope I am half as healthy as she is when I am 78 years old, especially mentally, where she is just as lucid (and cantenkerous) at 78 as I remember her being when she was in her early 50s.

Better (and longer) living through science.

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