Poor Gary Yourofsky

Gary Yourofsky recently announced that he was resigning as president of ADAPTT and apparently abandoning animal rights activism for the forseeable future.

In a tear-jerking e-mail, Yourofsky complained about his deteriorating financial position,

I can no longer keep my activism at a much-needed tempestuous pace. Sixty-six months of working for NO PAY has caught up with me. In addition to the debt that I’ve amassed, I’m broke beyond belief with no respite in sight. Technically, I’ve been on the brink of homelessness as well for about six months now. Shacking up with friends, strangers and at motels has run its course.

The burden has overwhelmed those around me who have helped me scrape by. In other words, ALL OF MY RESOURCES ARE COMPLETELY TAPPED! The only way out is to recoup my losses with full-time, overtime PAID employment.

. . .

Reality has forced me to take two jobs (seven days a week) immediately).

. . .

I will remain a vegan humanitarian forever. I will support animal liberation until I die. However, at this juncture, I can no longer be an activist. Only a supporter.

Really? What a shame.

Yourofsky went on to reaffirm is extremist views about animal rights, writing,

To all my enslaved planetary companions, I apologize for discontinuing activism for the time-being, but you can be that I’ll be back in a few years with bigger and better things.

Always support activists, especially those who put their freedom on the line for those who have none. Long live the ALF!

Never have empathy for an animal abuser under any circumstance! Only have empathy for those who are abused, tortured, enslaved and murdered.

Yourofsky was asked last year about what would happen if a medical researcher were murdered, to which he replied, “I would unequivocally support that, too.”

And now, Yourofsky’s out of the movement entirely. Hey, I would unequivocally support that, too.


Yourofsky resigns as ADAPTT president. Gary Yourofsky, e-mail communication, March 5, 2002.

One thought on “Poor Gary Yourofsky”

  1. I just want to say that I heard a lecture by this guy once. He is passionate and that is respectable but he does have a lot of misleading material. His main source of confusion is that he believes we are meant to eat only plants which is complete fiction. Humans began eating meat as primates which lead to the bigger brains that we use today. Without the protein in things such as Bone marrow and flesh humans would not have developed into the dominate species. Now some people may argue that this would actually be a good thing, but the fact remains humans are meant to eat meat. You only have to take a 100 series biological Anthropology class to know that. Sorry Gary, but you are wrong.


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