PETA Tries to Exploit Canadian Serial Killings

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals tried to exploit the upcoming trial of alleged serial killer Robert Pickton by placing newspaper ads that compared the suffering of farm animals to that of Pickton’s alleged victims. So far, Canadian newspapers have refused to run the advertisements.

Pickton faces charges in the deaths of 15 women who went missing in Vancouver. Pickton allegedly dismembered his victims after killing them and stored their body parts in a freezer on his small, non-commercial pig farm.

To PETA, of course, there is no difference between a serial killer murdering women and the slaughter of animals for food. The advertisement reads, in part,

British Columbia . . .

They were drugged and dragged across the room . . .

their struggles and cries went unanswered . . .

they were slaughtered and their heads were sawed off . . .

their body parts were refrigerated . . .

and their bones discarded.

It’s Still Going On.

Please remember that this scenario is a reality for more than 640 million sensitive individuals who lose their lives every year in this country for nothing more than the taste of their “meat.”

Asked about the ad, Bruce Freidrich told the Vancouver Sun,

Our hearts go out to the human victims of violence every bit as much as our hearts go out to animal victims of violence. Our point is simply that eating meat supports violence and bloodshed. . . . It’s easy to look at a tragedy like this and feel powerless. Adopting a vegetarian diet is one good way to say no to continued violence and suffering.

Relatives of the victims were reportedly outraged by the ad. Ernie Crey, whose sister is one of the women allegedly murdered by Pickton, told the Vancouver Sun,

I think they’re being unethical in choosing this course of action. It does hurt when people do this without meaningful forethought. Someone in the organization put down their moral compass.

That would presuppose, of course, that there was a moral compass at PETA to begin with which seems unlikely.


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