More on Web Traffic

Glenn Frazier has one of the moreinteresting posts in the interminable debate among some webloggers over their traffic (as I’ve said before, I think most of those claims are meaningless since they rely on bogus metrics like unique visitors).

Frazier focuses on what drives traffic to weblog sites, especially how links from well-trafficked site translate into increased traffic on smaller, lesser known sites. One of the things Frazier talks about is whether or not it makes sense to write an entry specifically with the intent of trying to increase the likelihood that someone like Glenn Reyonlds will link to it.

I wrote several articles on this site with the hope that Reynolds specifically would link to them (which he did). My advice — it makes sense to do so if your weblog is getting low traffic (under 1,000 page views a day), but once you’re getting decent traffic, it’s probably not worth it. There’s still nothing that beats having your web site show up in the first ten results of a Google search.

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