Matthew Whyte Releases Statement about His Crimes

Peter Schnell, 21, and Matthew Whyte, 18, plead guilty in October 2001 to possessing unregistered firearms after the duo were caught with 11 gallons of gasoline, matches and other paraphernalia which they planned to use to firebomb dairy trucks in Capitola, California. Schnell received a 24-month sentence while Whyte received a 14-month sentence. No Compromise this month published a statement from Whyte which has to be one of the more pathetic such statements coming from animal rights terrorists.

Whyte writes,

On January 28, 2002, in San Jose Federal Court, Petey [Schnell] and myself were handed sentences of 24 and 14 months, respectively, for pleading guilty to one count of possession of unregistered firearms . . . With rise [sic] in the public’s sympathetic support for the US government’s crusade against terrorism, and with new legislation such as the Patriot Act legalizing the feds’ unwarranted snooping, taping, recording as admissible in court, it should be no surprise that animal/earth liberators are increasingly being watched in their scope. A rise in repression can only account for the rising level of resistance in effect.

This is hilarious. The Patriot Act? These boneheads were arrested on January 23, 2001. The Patriot Act did not pass Congress until October 12, 2001. The reason Schnell and Whyte were caught had nothing to do with any repressive, snooping government but rather with the fact that the two are apparently the keystone kops of animal rights terrorists, who couldn’t do anything right.

The reason these morons were caught would almost be hilarious if the charge were not so serious. Police observed the two standing under a <lamp post in the middle of the night with a cordless drill and 10 plastic milk containers. The drill had been used to punch holes in the containers and candles had been inserted in the holes.

But under a lamppost? Why didn’t these idiots just mail the police an invitation? Maybe after they get out they can go on one of those “dumbest criminal” television shows.

Whyte continues,

Petey and I were in possession of several incendiary devices when we were stopped by the police in Capitola, CA, and after an illegal search of the car, those items were found.

If you’re caught under a lamppost with the makings of a primitive incendiary device, don’t whine and moan that police don’t have probable cause to search your vehicle.

The charges were originally introduced into legislation to criminalize the civilian possession/making of sophisticated military-grade armaments. During the anti-war movement, the statute was broadened in an attempt to break the growing underground resistance, making it a federal crime to have simple, unsophisticated incendiary devices, such as we had.

Translation: as the terrorists become less sophisticated, so do their weapons of choice. The law had to be dumbed down to Whyte’s primitive bomb making skills.

Of course Whyte is just as angry with animal rights activists who think that fire bombing dairy trucks is probably not a good way to spread their message,

It disturbs me when arrogant fucks, who’ve never experienced — directly or not — the hammer of the feds, jump the gun and talk down with their internet-activist circles the choices of those who have worked to get a lower sentence. It’s a waste of breath to try and reason with the federal courts and with this genocidal and oppressive government. I trust a roomful of political reformists as far as I could throw them.

Presumably, if Whyte did try to throw a roomful of political reformists, he would make sure to seek out a lamppost from which to do so. I would really like to see Whyte explain how this “genocidal and oppressive government” nonetheless let him off with just a 14-month sentence. The last time I checked, genocide was not defined as “imprisonment lasting slightly over a year.”

But Whyte ends his ignorant ranting there. What a shame.

If you would like more of this, you could write Whyte in prison and let him know just how much you are thinking of him. His address is,

Matt Whyte
Taft Correctional Institution
PO Box 7001
Taft, CA 93268

(If you do write him, make sure you say hi for me).


Statement from Matthew Whyte. Matthew Whyte, No Compromise, April 4, 2002.

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