ALF Claims It Contaminated Shampoo Bottles in New Zealand

The Frontline Information Service distributed a release from the Animal Liberation Front this week claiming that it had contaminated 38 bottles of Pantene Pro V shampoo in New Zealand. The bottles were contaminated with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and were randomly mixed with uncontaminated bottles.

According to its communique taking credit for the act, the ALF said,

This action was done to coincide with World Week for Laboratory Animals and aimed specifically at Procter and Gamble, manufacturers of the shampoo. Why? An estimated 50,000 animals suffer and die at the hands of Procter & Gamble every year in unscientific ‘product testing’.

This action is dedicated to Barry Horne, whose life’s work brought attention to the suffering of animals in laboratories everywhere, and whose actions inspired people who care about animals to act on their behalf, even if it means risking your freedom for theirs.

The dedication to Barry Horne is apropos since what Horne did was risk other people’s lives for his own insane ideology. Contaminating a consumer product is the sort of cowardly act typical of the Animal Liberation Front.


NZ Animal Liberation Front Contaminate Bottles of Shampoo. Frontline Information Service, April 24, 2002.

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