Activists Convicted of Burglary in Great Britain

The Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network sent out an e-mail late last week claiming that three animal rights activist in Great Britain have been convicted of burglarizing a Roche facility and sentenced to one year in jail. According to the ELP,

ELP has just learnt that British animal rights activists Kate Simpson (who is already listed in the ELP Newsletter as a Remand prisoner), Sarah Gibson (who is a former prisoner) and Madeline Butler have all been found guilty of burglary at Roche, a company which is connected with Huntingdon Life Sciences. Having been found guilty, all three were each sentenced yesterday to one year imprisonment.

A Vegan Prisoners Support Network item on the trio adds that,

The theft was regarding some paperwork Roche wasn’t aware had gone missing until it appeared on the Internet.
Lynn Sawyer was acquitted from this charge. However, she is awaiting a court date for extracting electricity from HLS under the Data Protection Act.

Unfortunately, neither an Internet nor a Lexis/Nexis search turns up any information on these three individuals nor any burglary at a Roche facility.

So, once in awhile animal rights activists do in fact offer up good news.


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