Kobe vs. Jordan (Jackson Is Real Winner)

Is Kobe Bryant a better all-around basketball player than Michael Jordan was? Someday that might be a legitimate question, but at the moment it’s silly to even ask. And yet here’s Phil Jackson saying that yes, Bryant is better than Jordan. Please.

If this weren’t the playoffs this would be a bad joke. On the other hand, this is yet another example of why Phil Jackson is, to my mind, the best NBA coach for the modern period, bar none. The man knows exactly how to motivate his players and deal with the main obstacle to success these days — superstar egos.

If you want to judge coaches by basketball knowledge, Jackson’s definitely not your man. But like Jordan, he just knows how to win.

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One thought on “Kobe vs. Jordan (Jackson Is Real Winner)”

  1. phil jackson is coach that learn from jordan remember, jordan buil the team before jackson come 1989 replace dough collin. who is phil jackson…. he just a lucky man that coach a great player in a team that all, will can he coach the team 2009 ny knick, can he bring the knick to the playoff,no! imagine. jordan is the greatest player of all time he satr from the bottom to top

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