Ingrid Newkirk on Animal Rights Terrorism

Does People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals support animal rights terrorism? You be the judge. Ingrid Newkirk‘s book on the Animal Liberation Front, Free the Animals was recently republished. For the new edition, Newkirk wrote an Author’s Note, which reads in part,

Today’s liberationists know that the ice has been broken. Television and newspaper stories have shown the extent of the suffering, over and over again. People know that there are kind alternatives to every cruel thing, from veggie burgers and ‘pleather’ to virtual organs. Perhaps that’s why the ‘new ALF’ has lost patience with the foot draggers and spends scant time explaining. Determined to cause economic injury to the exploiters, ALF members burn down their emptied buildings and smash their vehicles to smithereens. Perhaps, after reading this book, you will find that you cannot blame them.

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