Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime for No Compromise?

No Compromise! recently posted a page on its web site that had me laughing out loud in front of my computer. Titled, “Help No Compromise!” the page was basically a laundry list of ways people could help No Compromise generate the revenue it needs to stay afloat. “…Please help ensure our survival so we can continue to serve the people who are fighting in the trenches,” the plea read. So how does one go about helping No Compromise? Lets see.

You could subscribe to the zine using a credit card (with helpful PayPal links and buttons if you’re so inclined). But why not do a little more? No Compromise joined two affiliate programs, LD.Net and IGive.Com. According to No Compromise, “We receive commission if you use the following links to buy services. We don’t endorse them, but if you are going to shop anyway, please use these links so we receive the commission fee!” Sure, and I don’t endorse meat eating, but I figure if they’re going to kill cows anyway, who am I to deny myself a double cheeseburger?

Ld.Net is reselling telecommunications products (primarily cellular phone and long distance service), while IGive.Com is set up specifically to aid groups advocating one cause or another to purchase items and have a percentage of the purchase price go to that cause. Their business model seems to be trying to drive ideologically-mind shoppers their way, which doesn’t seem like a very promising business in the long run.

Hmmm. Credit cards to pay for subscriptions? A cut of online sales for everything from cut flowers to books made out of dead trees? Is it just me or did No Compromise just become capitalists? I wonder how long before Rodney Coranado denounces this as just the sort of business practice that is destroying the world? (In fact Coranado has denounced these sort of business practices as literally terrorism within the pages of No Compromise — maybe its editors missed that issue).

And of course what would any self-respecting hardcore animal rights group be without a mission statement?

No Compromise is dedicated to unifying the grassroots animal liberationists by providing a forum where activists can exchange information, share strategy, discuss important issues within the movement, network with each other in an open and respectful environment and strengthen the grassroots.

Here I thought the group’s mission was to provide a platform for terrorists and help animal rights extremists harass and commit acts of violence. I suppose the links they provide to terrorist manuals is part of their goal of creating a “respectful environment.”

I’m sure glad they cleared that up.

Help No Compromise!.

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