October Was A Good Month

Not for me personally — I was sick most of the month. But the web server traffic is finally almost back to normal after the problems we experienced over the summer.

In October 1999, we served up about 260,000 page views. We’re off that level a bit in 2000 at 200,000 page views this month, but server traffic was 50% higher in October over September, so we’re definitely headed in the right direction. The way things are going and the new features I’ve been able to implement in the past few months, I’m pretty confident we’ll reach a 400,000 page view month sometime in Q1 2001.

Kinda small potatoes compared to some sites, but who would have thought at the beginning of the 1990s that in less than a decade it would be possible to reach hundreds of thousands of people for next to nothing (I’m currently paying $320/month for a dedicated server — I think we charged more than that for a full page ad in my college newspaper.)

Life is good.

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