From “Cop Killer” to Cop?

I had a not so good night last night (bad dreams), but all that changed thanks to Seth Dillingham who had me howling in laughter with news that Ice-T has joined the cast of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as a cop.

Unlike Seth I think Ice-T can pull off the cop routine (remember “New Jack Hustler”?), but definitely not in a Law & Order style show. Anyone remember the “Players” show that lasted 20 minutes where he played one of three ex-cons who got special assignments working with police? That’s the kind cop you want Ice-T playing.

Quick sidebar: I once got insulted by Ice-T at a concert, though somewhat indirectly. I used to do entertainment reporting for the local newspaper and since I was always an Ice-T fan I wrangled my way to reviewing a concert that turned out to be a real dud — this was right after the Body Count album was out but before “Cop Killer” became a huge national controversy.

Anyway, Ice-T comes out and before kicking off the concert announces that he just talked to a reporter from the paper I worked for who was reviewing the concert who asked him all of these ridiculous questions. Then Ice-T let off a few profanities at the unnamed individual.

Of course the alleged interview never took place and this was just sort of preemptive strike he did in every town. David Lee Roth actually pioneered this technique after Van Halen hit it big and some in the media were criticizing their lifestyle. So Roth would just get on stage and rip into the local press regardless of whether or not he’d actually talked to them.

I guess the idea was that the press was probably going to rip them anyway after the show, so what did they have to lose? Actually I gave Ice-T a good review which didn’t go over well with my boss who wanted to make the story about Ice-T’s bizarre tirade rather than whether or not the concert was any good.

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