Perennial Basket Case Sudan Facing Another Famine

According to the World Food Program, unless immediate action is taken people
in southern Sudan could face famine conditions this summer. The World Food Program
has already sent an enormous amount of food aid to Sudan, but that food will
run out around June.

Last year during the period between May and October an unknown number of people
starved to death because international relief agencies couldn’t get supplies
in the area as fighting between the government and rebels in southern Sudan
made the area unsafe.

In order to provide enough food, the WFP needs to raise another $63 million
or so to buy and transport supplies, and hopefully get it into Sudan before
the current cease-fire between the government and rebels breaks down (there
has already been reports of renewed fighting near the western and central upper


U.N. agency warns food shortage looming in Sudan. Reuters, March 22, 1999.

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