Leave-ing malnutrition behind

A group of scientists thinks it might have a solution to ending the endemic malnutrition problems of hundreds of millions of people — they need to eat their alfalfa. Extraordinarily rich in protein, alfalfa is also very cheap to grow. According to an Agence France-Presse report, alfalfa is full of beta-carotene, iron, magnesium, folic acids and other important nutrients. The alfalfa can be dried and shipped in a leaf-like form around the world.

Now that the drying and processing technique has been perfected, scientists are awaiting a large scale research project to see if alfalfa can be mass produced and processed in developing nations to alleviate malnutrition.

8 thoughts on “Leave-ing malnutrition behind”

  1. I realize that this will be an unpopular post–if you post it.
    The real problem is overpopulation–more people eating, more people building houses on the world’s limited arable land, more people using the diminishing fresh water and less water for irrigation. The last estimate I saw was in Science Magazine in February of 1995. With the world’s population then at 5.6 billion there was 0.27 of a hectare of arable land per person. (less than 10% of an acre, or about 485 square meters). With 25% more people today and less arable land available (due to erosion, abandonment, salinization, and urbanization) the situation is much worse today. This year the government cut off water to a large farming area in California, China has less water, it is a nearly world-wide problem. These and other population related problems are thoughtfully discussed in the popular free science fiction/non-fiction series ‘In Search of Utopia’ at http://andgulliverreturns.info

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