Google Takeout Fail

I didn’t really think Google Takeout would let me download all of my YouTube videos, but if there are size limits, etc., Google should make those clear and give users way to work within them (for example, allowing me to select only a few of the 150+ videos I’ve uploaded). Simply telling me I can download my YouTube videos but doing so in a way that is always going to fail is not helpful to anyone.


Google Takeout Fail

YouTube Building API for Video Game Livestreaming

Interesting story from Engadget about YouTube creating an API designed to allow developers to build in livestreaming from XBOX, PS3 and PC games directly to YouTube.

As Engadget notes, a feature to livestream directly to YouTube was built in to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but it had some major limitations (aside from being a COD game, that is).

Even a feature that would capture and upload a gameplay session automatically but not necessarily livestream would be a huge step forward.