WordPress Plugin: RPS Chessboard

A few years ago I recommended the Chess by Blog plugin for WordPress, which added a number of chess-related functions to WordPress blogs. So, of course, that particular plugin was abandoned a couple years later.

It looks like RPSĀ Chessboard is now the most versatile, actively developed WordPress plugin that will take chess games in PGN notation and create interactive chessboards in a WordPress post or page.

Title Capitalization Plugin for WordPress

Title Capitalization for WordPress is a plugin that will automatically apply sentence capitalization to post titles and heading elements in WordPress.

Just type in the headline or subhead however you like, and when you save, update or publish a post, the plugin will fix the capitalization automatically.

Slash Edit Plugin for WordPress

Slash Edit is an extremely helpful plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to quickly edit a post or page if, like me, you hate WordPress’ admin bar.

To edit any page or post, you simply append /edit to the URL. So, for example, if I wanted to edit this post, I’d just have to go to:


. . . and I’d immediately be taken to the edit post page for this article. If I wasn’t already logged in to the site, I’d be prompted to log in and then be redirected to the edit screen for this post.


Page-list Plugin for WordPress

Page-list is an awesome plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to embed hierarchical lists of pages within a page.

Suppose, for example, you have a page called Countries and then below that pages like United States, Canada, etc. Rather than having to update the Countries page with links to the subpages, Page-list will let you embed that list automatically.

The short code [subpages] will list all pages in the hierarchy beneath the current page. You can also specify variables to expand or limit the depth of the hierachy displayed. For example, [subpages depth="1"] will only show a list of pages directly between the current page, while [subpages depth="4"] will show all pages up to four levels deep underneath the current page.

This makes it much easier to use and manage pages within WordPress.

Posts By Tag Plugin for WordPress

Posts By Tag is a plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to insert lists of tagged posts into pages and posts.

For example, I have dozens of posts tagged “Batman.” With the Posts By Tag plugin, I can insert a list of all posts with that tag by using the short code: [posts-by-tag tags = "Batman" number = "999"]

This will insert a bulleted, hyperlinked list to all of the posts I’ve written with that tag.