Andreas Gohr on the State of the DokuWiki Community

I am a huge fan of DokuWiki, the open source Wiki software developed by Andreas Gohr and others, and have multiple installations of the software on my webserver. Gohr recently posted on his blog about the current status of DokuWiki which can be summarized as: too much stuff is dependent on Gohr.

Gohr’s been trying to do more to foster a larger DokuWiki community around the software and has a fair list of things he’s been trying to do over the past few months both to technical and non-technical to create more diversity in the DokuWiki community.

Personally, I promote DokuWiki at every con and other geek-oriented event I manage to make it to, and suggesting the software to folks looking for an easy-to-install but still full-featured Wiki.

Universal Edit Button Extension to Firefox

Andrea Gohr is trying trying to put some momentum behind the Universal Edit Button extension for Firefox. As Gohr puts it,

The idea is simple: whenever you are on an editable website (usually a wiki), your borwser should display an icon just like it does when you’re on a website with an RSS feed.

Gohr stepped in and took the existing FF addon for this and fixed some bugs and other issues and it is now in the experimental repository. Gohr is hoping enough people will check it out and review it to have it moved to the regular Firefox Extension area.