Wall-E and Consumerism

As part of the marketing for Wall-E, Disney apparently set up a Buy N Large website which is fairly amusing.

I took my kids to see Wall-E opening weekend. They loved it, but I’m kind of burnt out on Pixar movies. They do hit the ball out of the park frequently, but Cars and Wall-E really hit you over the head with their respective messages which is the death knell, IMO, of many otherwise good children’s movies.

It is also a bit weird to sit in a movie theater and have Disney, of all companies, pushing an anti-consumerist movie. In fact, when we showed up to buy our tickets for Wall-E, we were also handed one plastic-wrapped package for each of the kids. Inside was a bunch of promotions for upcoming Disney films and a crappy blue watch, all of which will ultimately end up in some landfill. The film was also littered with numerous product placements for Apple.

And, of course, you can buy any of a couple dozen different Wall-E toys, books, CDs, video games, digital watches, lunch boxes, pajamas, flashlights, posters . . . and who could live without the official Wall-E and Eve Cake Topper Set.