Combine Multiple Transport Stream (TS) Video Files from the Windows Command Line

Just parking this here for future reference. I use a video application that records in Transport Stream (.ts) format. Since this application is recording to a FAT-formatted SD card, every time it hits the 4gb file size limit, it creates a second file and so on.

I had been using a separate program to combine the multiple files into one, but it turns out this can be done entirely from the command line in Windows, like this:

copy /b *.ts Video.ts

VideoLAN Movie Creator

The developers behind the awesome VideoLAN VLC Media Player are working on a free video editing project called VideoLAN Movie Creator. VLMC aims to be a simple, user-friendly video editor, as demonstrated by this YouTube demo.

Unfortunately, the project’s website has been down for awhile and it is a bit unclear what the status of this project is.