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1:12 Scale Star Trek: The Original Series Spock Action Figure

One:12 Collective has created this Spock action figure which is being distributed by Mezco Toys. Calling this a 1:12 scale action figure is just another way of saying it’s about 6 inches tall, which makes the $90 price tag a bit hard to swallow.

What that $90 buys, however, is the additional head sculpt with Nimoy’s classing eyebrow raise, as well as the different hand sets and accessories.


Star Trek: The Original Series - Spock Action Figure

Airship Enterprise Comic

Airship Enterprise is a graphic novel by Brian Denham that was successfully Kickstarted on May 16, 2015 (the money was raised to enable a full color printing of the comic).

Not really interested in the comic, but this steampunk version of the USS Enterprise is gorgeous. One of the Kickstarter rewards was a 6 foot wall poster version of this.


Airship Enterprise