My Spotify Classical Music Playlist for Reading/Studying/Coding

When I am reading, studying, coding, etc. I like to listen to classical music in the background. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really finding any good playlists on Spotify for this. Yes, there are certainly playlists in this genre, but they tend to be too short or not varied enough for my tastes.

Anyway, this is my current 259 track playlist, and I’m always looking for suggestions to add to it.

Exportify: Spotify Playlist Export Tool

A few years ago I used Joel Lehman’s Spotify playlist export script to get data out of Spotify, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore. After trying a number of tools on the web, I ran across Exportify which allowed me to export my Spotify playlists as CSV files.

As with Lehman’s script, you’ll need to grant Exportify access to your Spotify account using the single sign on option. I’d recommend granting access, exporting your playlists, and then immediately revoking access within Spotify.

Spotifly Playlist Export Application

Joel Lehman has created a Javascript-based Spotify playlist explorer.

The application does require you to login with your Spotify account, but then will display all of your playlists and allow you to export those as CSV files.

The resulting export is not a list of Spotify links, which is relatively easy to obtain, but rather CSV file containing the Track / Artist / Album / Date Added for all songs in any given playlist.

Lehman has a Github repository for the tool, but setting it up on your own server does require creating an app through Spotify’s developer program.