Agenda Fusion 7

Developer One has finally managed to release the initial version of Agenda Fusion 7 for the PocketPC. The PocketPC aftermarket organizer field is pretty much between Agenda Fusion and Pocket Informant. Many longtime Agenda Fusion users, including myself, believed that AF had fallen behind Pocket Informant both in features and speed. I was close to switching, but the promise of a version 7 had me hold off and I’m glad.

The major improvement with the initial release of version 7 is a Projects view, which addresses the major complaint I had about Agenda Fusion, which was its lack of any sort of hierarchical system for organizing tasks, appointments, etc.

See, thanks to Conversant I already have the habit of tagging everything with ludicrous detail. Agenda Fusion fed that need in an organizer since it lets you create categories and assign multiple categories to tasks, appointments and contacts. I’ve got about 50 different categories.

It also has an excellent filtering system so I can create a filter, say Office Computer, which will show all of the tasks that I need to get done that can be done on my office computer. This sort of context-based task tracking is something I stole from Getting Things Done, and I love it. I also have categories and subcategories for my various websites and weblogs.

But dammit, sometimes I also needed a straightahead hierarchical view of my tasks. I got to the point where I was maintaining some tasks in both ListPro — a nice, advanced list/outline software — and in Agenda Fusion. The new Project view in Agenda Fusion takes care of that. I can create “projects” in an outliner and then assign existing tasks, appointments and contacts to them. So I can quickly switch between a project-based view of my tasks and appointments and a simple flat context-based view of my tasks and appointments (for a bit of context, I’m very anal and have about 700-1000 tasks at any given moment).

The UI for the Project view — especially adding tasks, etc. to it — still needs some work, but even in its early stages Agenda Fusion 7 really takes the software to that cliched “next level.”

43 Folders

Even thought it is Mac-centric, 43 Folders is an excellent geek-oriented blog on hacking together different tools to maximize productivity. If you’ve joined the Getting Things Done cult (and I’ve become a full fledged believer), this site is like crack. If you’re the sort of person who would actually need something like this (and I certainly do), this is the site for you.

The 43 Folders Google Group is even better, with lots of great ideas and interesting speculation on solving various geek-related problems.

What’s the Benefit from Stretching?

I have always hated stretching before exercising and new studies are showing there is little, if any, benefit to stretching. Now I do not have to feel so guilty when watching the folks at the gym whose stretching routine sometimes seems to be longer than my entire 30 minute exercise routine.

Actually I do stretch sometimes, but primarily when I am going to be doing exercises involving a lot of jumping — I will stretch and do a quick jog before playing basketball, for example, or else my calf muscles have a habit of tightening up. Also, I usually stretch if I am going to be exercising for a very long time, i.e. an hour or longer. Otherwise, I find stretching too boring.


If you are as disorganized as I am, a site like GetOrganizedNow.Com might be a godsend.

I own about a dozen books about getting organized, but I still read things
on this site that I had not thought of, or read in other books. I have already
started using suggestions from this site to help get more organized. The site
also features a free-biweekly e-mail newsletter which I’ve found really helpful.

And, of course, if you find the site helpful the person who runs it, Maria
Garcia, will be happy to sell you her books or conduct organizing workshops
for your company or group. Actually I am tempted to order the “Finally Organized,
Finally Free” book — if only I could remember where I left my credit card.