Removing Cracked Whitestone Dome Screen Protector

For years now, I’ve been using screen protectors from Whitestone Dome on my phones. The screen protector is tempered glass that is installed on the phone using an ultraviolet-activated glue.

They work great, but removing them can be a challenge. Recently the screen protector on my Note 20 Ultra cracked in several places and removing it turned into a nightmare.

Searching online found several suggestions. What worked for me was soaking a piece of dental floss in isopropyl alcohol, and then use the dental floss to “saw” under the screen protector.

The alcohol significantly weakens the strength of the glue, which makes removing the screen protector a snap. It only took me about 5 minutes to remove the screen protector entirely.

Quite a few people claimed in forums that using isopropyl alcohol could potentially ruin the oleophobic coating on the device. However, both Apple and Samsung recommend using 70 percent isopropyl alcohol to clean a screen, though they emphasize to always apply the alcohol to a microfiber cloth and then clean the screen.