Arson Hits Home of Scottish Hunt Ban Opponent

In April, Roy Innes, 26, became one of the first people charged with violating Scotland’s ban on fox hunting. Innes was charged with participating in a fox hunt in October 2002, but maintains he is innocent of the charges.

In September, Innes home was set on fire while he and has girlfriend slept in the upstairs level of the house. The arson took place a day after an article about Innes’ alleged violation of the fox hunt ban appeared in a local newspaper.

Innes told The Express,

The fire-raisers took my hunting gear, including my breeches, which were hanging on the washing line to dry, and had stacked them at the door.

They then lit them and left them to burn. If my girlfriend hadn’t woken up, we could have died.

I believe they have just gone a step too far this time.

Police confirmed that they were treating the fire as an arson. A police spokesperson told The Express, “The door of the house had been set on fire and the owner had put it out. It has been listed as arson and we are investigating.”


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Two Men Charged Under Scotland's Fox Hunt Ban

Two Scottish huntsmen became the first to be charged with violating Scotland’s ban on fox hunting. Trevor Adams and Rory Innes were charged in April with violating the law by hunting with dogs.

Adams was charged for his participation in an October 2002 hunt, while Innes was charged for taking part in a hunt that took place in March 2003. Both men were prominent opponents of the Scottish fox hunting ban, and both claim their respective hunts were legal under the requirements of the new law that went into effect in August 2002.

A provision of that law allows foxes to be shot for pest control purposes, and additionally allows hounds to be used to kill a wounded fox.

Les Ward of Advocates for Animals, which supported the ban on fox hunting, told The Guardian that, “We’ve known in the last few months that many of the hunts have been sailing close to the wind.”

The Scotsman reported that in September 2002 Adams said that his Bucleuch hunt had used hounds to kill several foxes but always within the bounds of the law. “That is our interpretation of the act and the local police seem happy about it,” Adams said.


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